Pool Tarps

We all love the pleasure and convenience of having our own pool but generally without the added hassles of cleaning…and not forgetting the dangers with having kids around.


Our pool tarps are specifically designed to combat all these issues..

Here are some advantages of pool tarps

  • prevents dust, dirt and leaves from entering the pool ( minimizing use of your kreepy crawly and therefore reducing your electricity bill )
  • keeps out rain water which causes color change of the pool ( reducing your chlorine bill )
  • increases safety as kids tend to wander off near the pool
  • reduces evaporation of water drastically ( reducing your water bill )
  • has thermal properties ( keeps water warm on hot and cold days for that enjoyable swimming experience )

We have 2 types of materials available

Light Duty Polyethylene

  • Budget Light weight material
  • Contains UV resistance but a very little
  • low tear resistance

Heavy Duty PVC

  • Strong and durable
  • Good UV résistance
  • Anti-fungal
  • high tear resistance